Revolutionising shifting performance, Shimano’s HYPERGLIDE+ shift technology delivers the world’s smoothest, most precise shifting in all riding conditions.

First introduced with Shimano’s flagship XTR M9100 mountain bike group, HYPERGLIDE+ transforms the way we ride, the way we charge into rocky trails or tackle steep climbs. With seamless shifting both up and down the cassette, riders experience smoother pedalling and more confident riding whilst thinking less about shifting and more about the trail ahead.

Now, building on Shimano’s proven engineering expertise, we’ve further revolutionised shifting performance with HYPERGLIDE+. Utilising new ramp designs and chain technology, HYPERGLIDE+ guides the chain both up AND down the cassette for the smoothest shifting in both directions, even under the most extreme pedalling load. This means you can shift with confidence in any situation, on any terrain; there’s no need to pull off the gas or time an easy pedal stroke with your shifts. Hammer away and count on HYPERGLIDE+ for flawless shifts so you can keep accelerating without hesitation.

An integral part of the HYPERGLIDE+ shifting performance comes from the reimagined chain design and construction. We’ve extended the chain’s inner link plates to create a secure connection between the chain and cassette gear teeth. By increasing the surface area of contact, we’ve reduced chain vibration normally caused by the inner and outer chain plates rolling onto the cogs. This results in better chain engagement, stronger retention, and more efficient pedalling on varying terrain.

HYPERGLIDE+ first hit the trails with XTR M9100 but, as you expect from Shimano, we’re cascading this technology throughout our complete line of performance mountain bike components. Riders of all levels can experience the consistent shifting of HYPERGLIDE+ with the new DEORE XT M8100, SLX M7100 and DEORE M6100 series.



- Smooth and fast shifting
- Shifting under load; up and down the cassette
- Ride and shift with confidence

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