Customize your ride with SHIMANO EP8 and E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist App

The way you ride e-bikes is about to change forever thanks to SHIMANO’s revolutionary EP8 e-bike system featuring unheralded levels of customization via the accompanying E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist App.

With the new EP8 e-bike system, SHIMANO has not just shredded up the e-bike rulebook, it’s written an entirely new version.

No longer will you lack confidence – or stamina – to tackle the steepest, most leg-sapping climbs, and gone are the days of uncontrollable power. Instead, you are in control of the amount of assist, using the extra boost when you need it most.

Whatever type of rider you are – whether you spend every spare minute at work thinking about the best line to take down your favorite trail or you use your bike for your commute into work – SHIMANO EP8 will revolutionize your ride.

Customize Your Ride With Shimano EP8 And E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist App

Not only is it light, powerful and features increased battery life, but it is also fully customizable via the easy-to-use E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist for mobile (Ver. 4.0.0).

SHIMANO’s E-TUBE software connects you to your bike via a wireless link to your smartphone. Once you’re hooked up, you’ll be able to get even more out of your riding experience.

Seasons change, sometimes within the course of a week, riding conditions vary and moods alter – some days you simply want to get out and shred the trails fast and hard, other times you crave a leisurely cruise to take it easy and soak up new surroundings. SHIMANO’s E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist App makes it simple to customize your bike’s settings to suit what lies ahead before you even get in the saddle.

Customize Your Ride With Shimano EP8 And E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist App

The advanced levels of customization mean that you can easily adjust your bike’s settings to match your riding style. Aside from being able to tweak assist characteristics, functions of the assist switch and display, you can also adjust other controls, from basic settings such as language and background to more advanced settings such as automatic shifting. The latest version of the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist App features an updated visual interface, meaning it’s even easier to use, and errors are identified immediately so you can fix them straight away. You can also easily check for the latest firmware releases, ensuring that your unit is fully up-to-date with the newest functionality at all times.

If you love to tweak settings, you’ll be in your element – the range of customization available will convert even the biggest of e-bike skeptics. You can customize each power assist level (Eco, Boost & Trail), resulting in 10 levels of assist character in total. Torque assist is applied according to pedal pressure – when the setting is moved to Eco, battery consumption is saved by the unit offering less assist. If you move the setting to powerful, you will find that acceleration is sharper as assist is provided even with low pedal pressure.

Another useful feature is the option to adjust the level of maximum torque assist from 20-85Nm. You can set it according to the area and terrain you are riding on, and the lower you set the torque assist, the more battery power you will save.

Customize Your Ride With Shimano EP8 And E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist App

The timing of assist can also be adjusted – if you set it to mild, assistance will be smooth and balanced, whereas if you set it toward quick, it will be provided as soon as the crank is rotated.

You can also create two assist profiles – for example, one for your commute and one for weekend off-road riding – meaning you can switch between the profiles at the press of a button on your display.

Each profile offers bespoke, finely tuned levels of power assistance depending on how much assist you require, without sacrificing controllability. You can then tweak to your heart’s content as your riding style and conditions change.

This will take your riding to another level, as even mid-ride you can alter your ride profile from your smartphone if you need extra, or reduced, amounts of assist.

EP8 will also provide power boosts when you need them most – set it to Trail Mode and the more effort you put in, the more power will be delivered to assist.

Ride the Revolution – there’s no looking back.

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