Here are some helpful hints to guide you through the process of kitting up and getting the most out of your rides.

If you are new to mountain biking, have a new bike and are now puzzling over what's next on the shopping list, you are in the right place!If you're new to mountain biking but haven't yet got yourself a bike, you can check out the link below for some pointers.

Once you've chosen your bike, it's time to get kitted up. Admittedly, cyclists don't have the best reputation when it comes to fashion, but you'll be relieved to know that images of saggy shorts and woollen jerseys are well outdated. Indeed, even the much-maligned full-lycra look is something of a distant memory for many mountain bikers today. Equally, there's no need to sport the big, baggy clothing once synonymous with the gnarly downhillers. We are happy to say that from the helmet on your head to the shoes on your feet, SHIMANO and our partners can kit you up in an outfit that suits your needs and your style.


The top is a good place to start, not least because your helmet is perhaps the most important piece of kit you will buy. Our partners at Lazer Helmets have a number of great options, including the Roller model which offers protection, style and comfort for those just getting in to cycling. It's perfect for MTB but will also cross-over and suit your commute as well.


Having been for a few rides on your smart new whip with your nice new helmet, you might be feeling that your old gym shorts aren't quite cutting it. Actually, they might be chafing it! A pair of cycling-specific shorts will make all the difference here; you'll babe able to ride in comfort for longer, which equates to loads more fun. You can opt for the traditional lycra-style short with a pad, or go for a baggier short.

And why not add a jersey to regulate your temperature and complete the look? Again, you can go for a tight-fitting race-style jersey or a loose-fitting t-shirt style. Either way, technical materials and years of research and development give it great functionality.

SHIMANO have a growing rage of kit. Click here for some options to get you started.


Stepping into SHIMANO's SPD pedal/cleat/shoe combination will step up your cycling experience in no time. Whilst it may be a little nerve-wracking to start with, clipless pedals can give you a whole host of benefits, most notably much greater pedalling efficiency. On the mountain bike it will help with climbing, control and confidence.

SHIMANO have just released the XC1; tried and tested technology designed specifically for the entry-level market. These are the perfect shoe to take your first steps towards greater comfort, control and performance on the bike. The XC1 features a perforated synthetic leather upper for superior fit and breathability, three hook and loop straps for secure and even tightening and a stiff sole for power transfer.

If you’re ready for something a little racier, why not give the XC3 a go? Another brand-new addition to SHIMANO’s shoe collection, this lighter-weight performance cross-country shoe uses a Boa mechanism to tighten the shoe evenly around the foot for an extra comfortable and secure fit.

Both the XC1 and XC3 come in women’s-specific models, ergonomically engineered for the best fit and performance.

Now you look the part, it's time to get out and shred some tails! Enjoy the extra comfort and performance that the correct kit can bring.

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