Perhaps it’s the infamous weather or perhaps the notorious midge, or maybe it’s because they’re a ruddy long way from anywhere, but either way, the wild Scottish Highlands sit off the radar of most mountain bikers. Join adventure photographer Dan Milner and Alex on a journey outside the norm, riding into the void.

These damp, insect-loving mountains are home to trails, countless trails. They take the form of long, winding, wild, empty paths strewn across the rugged mountains that span Scotland coast to coast, from the cold North Sea to the stormy Atlantic: a 120-mile-long string of trails that could just provide the perfect excuse for a ‘road trip.’

This is where Dan and Alex enter, armed with a fresh, sustainable take on the classic ‘road trip’: crossing Scotland by train from Inverness to the foot of Skye to plunder whatever trail gems they can reach by riding out from the railway stations.

What unfolds is a five-day journey of discovery, camaraderie, and resourcefulness as our riders turn their backs on convention and the familiar Scottish destinations spotlighted by the recent UCI World Championships to choose instead a path less traveled.

This is a story about embracing both the rewards and freedom of a mountain bike road trip and the challenges of choosing to do it by train through one of Scotland’s most empty spaces. This is the story of a road trip dictated not by filling stations and convenient trail center car parks but by inflexible train timetables, scarce accommodation options, and a near-total absence of diners. Route 66, this is not.

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