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‘How We Roll’ is the new film series that follows the Downhill Mountain Bike race team FMD Racing. It is an insight into the life of these athletes and the team, staff, sponsors, friends, family, and industry that surrounds them. The film series captures the ‘bare all’ moments of a mountain bike competitive season through the eyes of one of the most exciting and unique race teams on the scene. The series truly brings to the screen the very real and pure emotion, turmoil, elation, success, loss, chaos, pandemonium, passion, rage, amusement and more told in an incredible narrative. 

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The Athlete Characters: 

Tahnée Seagrave – ‘The Powerhouse Queen of Downhill’ - a fitting title for the incredible athlete that is Tahnée Seagrave and her dominating, inspirational and remarkable image she has created as an opinion leader of her sport. Tahnée is also arguably the main character throughout the ‘How We Roll’ series. Tahnée is one of the leading female racers on the World Cup DH circuit performing at the highest level in competition and developing herself to achieve greater at every opportunity.  An outrageously dedicated individual devoted to excelling beyond all expectations. 

This professional demeanor is combined with her freeride lifestyle image she represents which is committed to her core passion to have as much fun on a bike as possible.

Tahnée Seagrave

Kaos Seagrave – The unstoppable force in the ‘new school’ generation of MTB, bringing his unfathomable style and rowdy attitude to the sport to make a well needed impact on the entire scene. Kaos is proving exactly how versatile a mountain biker can be and defining what a ‘free racer’ is supposed to be. Kaos is not boxing himself to one discipline but instead opening his talent to every reach of the MTB spectrum…whilst having a freakin’ damn good time as he does it. 

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Phoebe Gale – The new wave of overwhelming talent and prowess on the FMD race team and on the World Cup DH scene at a whole. Storming on the Junior Women’s discipline since 2021 and making an unforgettable impact on the entire scene for both her undisputable raw talent and the charming demeanour and attitude seen by all. The future of Phoebe is a force to be reckoned with. 

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Dennis Luffman – the badass punk-kid skate rat turned professional mountain bike athlete and bringing that hell-raising attitude and approach to his astonishing riding style. Dennis hits his Men’s Elite discipline throughout 2022 with all guns blazing and shows off his hilarious, approachable and outrageous character that so perfectly suits the FMD Racing appearance. A wild boy to watch and a fan favourite. 

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Episode 1 - The Intro

In episode 1 of How We Roll, we look at what makes Downhill Mountain Biking such a unique sport and introduce the characters that make up the FMD Canyon Collective Racing Team. Follow Tahnée Seagrave, Kaos Seagrave, Dennis Luffman and Phoebe Gale as they gear up in pre-season training and lay out their expectations for the year.

The team leaves pre-season full of nervous energy and heads to the year's first race in Lourdes, France. With the whole team assembled and ready to go at the first UCI Downhill world cup race of the year, it’s time to kick off the year and the journey of 2022.

Episode 2

Episode 2 begins revealing how Tahnée has suffered from a concussion from a crash while riding at the Vanta Jam event in the UK. It’s been a tough and uncertain couple of months for the team, but Tahnée decides to join the team for the Fort William event so she can be around the comfort of everyone and support her fellow riders. At Fort William, we experience the brutal nature of one of the wildest races and tracks of the year. All eyes are on Phoebe as it’s her home race and amongst all the rain and mud Phoebe manages a 2nd place which hits her hard emotionally. The team rally around her making it an important lesson and growth experience for Phoebe. Kaos has no choice but to pull out of the race with a shoulder injury he suffered at Darkest, and for the first time we see the firsts discussion about whether or not Kaos wants to be racing downhill World Cups anymore.

Episode 3

In "How We Roll", we look at what makes Downhill Mountain Biking such a unique sport and introduce the characters that make up the Canyon CLLCTV FMD Racing Team. Follow Tahnée Seagrave, Kaos Seagrave, Dennis Luffman and Phoebe Gale on their journey throughout the 2022 season.

Episode 3 looks deeper into the story of Tahnée’s battle with effects of concussion during the 2022 season. We follow her through the ups and downs of her recovery journey as she looks towards a positive future, as well as talking to the rest of the team and family about what they’ve learned and how it’s affected them. 

Tahnée arrives to support the team at race 3 of the UCI Downhill World Cup in Leogang, and Phoebe has an inspired first win of the season.

Episode 4

Having grown up around racing within the family, Episode 4 continues on the story of Kaos being torn between Racing and Freeriding throughout the 2022 season, and his eventual decision to focus on the Freeride side of things. Kaos gives us an explanation of what Freeride is and what it means to him as we follow him through multiple Freeride events, as well as take a behind the scenes look at filming his debut solo video part Unhinged.

Episode 5

Episode 5 of 'How We Roll' follows the Canyon Collective FMD crew through the European leg of the season as they travel around the continent battling with Injury, weather and the usual ups and downs of being on the road. This episode explores why being a Downhill MTB racer is completely different from any other sports, what it's like living the dream of being a professional rider and what it feels like when it just goes right. Join the team as they get up to way to many shenanigans in Austria, Switzerland, Crankworx Innsbruck and Andorra.

Episode 6

The crew saddle up and hit the road in USA and Canada. We take a wild western look at the team as they suffer a tough week in the mud and rain of the UCI Downhill World Cup event in Snowshoe West Virginia. The team takes some time to regroup and hit Mont-Sainte-Anne for the second UCI Downhill leg of the trip with a fresh attitude. With Tahnee Seagrave still at home recovering, we join Kaos Seagrave, Phoebe Gale and Dennis Luffman along the way, as we get to know the FMD Racing team and all the mischief they get up to on an North American road trip.

Episode 7

Episode 7 of the How We Roll series wraps up what was a transformative year for Tahnée Seagrave and the FMD Down Hill Mountain Bike team. We look into how Tahnée is feeling currently and what she learnt after a severe concussion injury disrupted her entire World Cup racing season. We also delve into what Kaos Seagrave, Phoebe Gale and Dennis Luffman learnt about themselves from their craziest, most difficult year as professional bike riders yet. Although it was a tough one for the FMD crew, we also explore what makes this team so special by reliving all of the good times that we had from a year of riding bikes around the globe.