"Hike-a-bike" is not for everyone, but it is certainly for Dan Milner. There is no trail too rugged, mountainside too steep or end-point too unknown for Dan. In fact, it’s exactly these things that make him get off and start pushing when most others would turn back. The lure of what’s over the horizon is too strong, and that’s what makes him the adventure photographer that we know and love.

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Dan has explored further than most, riding and photographing corners of the World few of us have ever seen. His humble nature requires you to ask questions before he divulges epic tales of trips to Afghanistan, North Korea, Bhutan or Patagonia. But even without accompanying words, his photographs capture the incredible landscapes and extraordinary people that he encounters, drawing you into to a sense of adventure that runs much deeper than simply cycling. Dan seems not to pass through a place, but become part of it; his eye sizing up frames to shoot, his easy manner uncovering stories of the people whose land it is.  

This rings true whether he is hacking up a hill in Kyrgyzstan or, as in this film, seeking out adventure at home in the Chamonix valley. When the popular trails have been ticked off, and the unmarked paths have long been explored, it’s time to start hiking! Equipped with bivvy bags and the promise of a golden sunrise, we followed Dan up to a spot in the mountains high above the well-trodden tracks. With every moment he can afford not to be looking at the rocks under his feet, he is looking for the perfect shot. Dan’s calm energy is hard not to admire, as are the results of his camera’s clicks. That desire to continue further and delve deeper are often handsomely rewarded with stunning images. And when they are not, then the adventure still happened and that holds its own satisfaction. 

There is a rare authenticity in Dan’s work, a reflection of the man himself. Hit play to hear what makes him tick, why taking your bike for a walk is a great idea, and see if we really got that promised golden hour!

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