From exploring the high mountains to ripping down technical tracks, Damien Oton and Vid Persak showcase the game-changing Orbea Rise. 

For Vid Persak and Damien Oton, the Orbea Rise with SHIMANO’s EP8-RS engine is a tool and a toy, for work and for pleasure. It changes the way Vid trains and it changes the way Damien explores. The enduro duo hit peaks and jumps, shred up and down trails, slow down to enjoy stunning scenery and hit boost to feel it whizz by. 

Picture the sun rising in the high mountains as the bike encourages Damien to keep pushing to higher summits. And follow that up with technical training sessions which suddenly allow Vid so many more descents – this short film is sure to make you want to rise and ride.

Whether you want to go further or faster, this bike will rise to the occasion. However you want to use it, you’ll have a good time. Hit play for Damien and Vid’s ideal day. 

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