The best rides are the ones where nothing comes in your way – you're not thinking, you’re just riding. Everything comes naturally: the power, the flow, the fun. The all-new Orbea RISE makes every ride that way! 

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The Orbea RISE was greeted with plenty of plaudits when it was originally launched in 2020, exceeding expectations of what an e-bike could be. With its “More bike, less E” philosophy, the RISE rewrote the rules on lightweight e-MTBs, manufacturing a bike that worked in perfect synergy with the EP8 motor to deliver responsive, rewarding rides like never before. 

Now, the RISE is back and it’s even better. The 140mm/150mm travel trail bike once again pushes the boundaries of e-MTB. Less weight and more power mean you can go further and faster. And, by stripping away all unnecessary complexity, you can do so with fewer distractions. 

With the RISE, Orbea want to take you back to the purity, freedom and joy of your early mountain biking memories where adventure and exploration surpassed thoughts of technical or mechanical hindrance. By pushing technology forward, the RISE allows us to go back to that place.

Actually, it’s better than that place, because that unadulterated connection with the trail comes with power like you’ve never experienced before. Orbea’s Rider Synergy gives instant response, so the harder you push, the more you get from the bike. It creates the magical feeling of being the fittest and strongest you’ve ever been, whilst the rigid, responsive and lightweight frame mean that you can also handle the bike with technical brilliance. 

With the option of EP801-RS or EP600-RS models and battery configurations of either the bigger 540Wh battery, or the lighter 360Wh battery, the RISE can accommodate different riding styles and requirements. You can also add the Range Extender for the longest rides or leave that extra weight at home when you don't need it.

In short, the Orbea RISE allows you to ride like you, but better!

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