Best e-MTB of 2022

The team at E-MOUNTAINBIKE MAGAZINE know a thing or two about e-bikes. So when they release their round-up of the best e-MTBs of 2022 it’s big news among e-bike riders and fans alike. The team’s knowledge and expertise is some of the most detailed and finely tuned in the industry – plus they get to ride a ton of bikes, so they know what to look for when it comes to the quality of a ride.

We were excited to discover that of the 13 finalists in their recently released list of 13 best e-MTBs of 2022, eight are powered by our EP8 drive unit. Kicking out 85Nm of torque across a wider cadence range than ever before, our EP8 weighs only 2.6kg, making it compact, lightweight and packed to bursting with controllable, high-performance power. 

A team of 10 riders tested the bikes in Italy over a period of 10 days, fuelled by local stone-baked pizza and strong espressos. The trails around Monte Arseni, Tuscany, with their mix of challenging and varied terrain, including flowy singletrack and technical climbs, were the ideal testing ground to put each e-MTB thoroughly through its paces.

The results

Their hours of riding resulted in the team naming one overall winner as the Best e-MTB of 2022: the Yeti 160E T1, fully equipped with SHIMANO’s EP8 – a bike they say offers a “new benchmark in trail performance”.

Not only that, the bike awarded e-MTB Best Buy 2022 is the Orbea RISE M-Team, also fitted with SHIMANO’s EP8-RS, as well as a SHIMANO XTR drivetrain, is described as a “master of all disciplines” and “a true all-rounder that inspires in every discipline”. 

Other EP8-equipped e-MTBs that get a shout-out in the group test include the ROTWILD R.E375 PRO, which “has a SHIMANO motor with plenty of power”, and the SCOR 4060 Z ST XT, “a fun ride on flow trails”. With these two bikes, the testers noted that both were suited more for experienced riders due to their “demanding handling”.

In addition, especially good news for the ones with a smaller budget, in their recent group test for best e-MTBs under 6500 EURO the Merida eOne Sixty 975 got awarded as test winner and Orbea RISE H15 as buying advice.

BikeRadar’s Alex Evans delves deeper into the EP8 in his detailed feature on ‘What is the best electric mountain bike motor in 2022? SHIMANO vs Bosch vs Brose vs Yamaha’, commenting that “as it currently stands, I would personally be looking to buy bikes fitted with SHIMANO’s EP8”. 

He scored the drive unit particularly highly on efficiency – “Shimano’s EP8 appears to be the most efficient motor where bike weights, tyre compounds and trail or weather conditions had the least effect on battery range” – power delivery, especially at a low cadence, and its overall ‘natural ride’ feel.

Best e-MTB of 2022: Yeti 160E T1

shimano ep8 leads the way

E-MTB Best Buy 2022: Orbea RISE M-Team

Best e-MTB under 6500 euro: Merida eOne Sixty 975

shimano ep8 leads the way

Best buy under 6500 euro: Orbea RISE H15

shimano ep8 leads the way

If all this has made you eager to find out more or invest in a SHIMANO EP8-equipped e-MTB, visit our Bike selector page which helps you select from a wide range of SHIMANO-equipped bikes.