Some simple steps to improve your riding, fast!

This is not a training guide! It's not rocket science or magic either. We all know that to be reeeeally quick, you have to put in the time and a lot of effort. But, there are some easy ways to go faster that you can action right away. In no paricular order, here are ten tips to try:


To go fast, start slow! Give your mind and body time to warm up, adapt to the conditions and prepare to exert themselves. This doesn't have to mean a 30-minute session on the rollers, or visualisation and co-ordination drills like you see World Cup downhillers practice. Just beginning your ride with spinning easy gears and getting a feel for the dirt will mean that when you ramp it up you'll be prepped to ride quicker.


It's not glamorous, but it is advantageous! Less friction means more speed. It may be marginal gains, but we'll take whatever free watts are available! Plus, smooth-shifting gears mean you can stay on the power - HYPERGLIDE+ will help you, but you've got to help yourself too!


An incredibly quick and easy way to improve your riding is to ensure you're running the right pressures for the conditions. Less pressure will give you more grip in the mud and allow you to ride with more confidence. Higher pressures will roll better on hard ground, giving you some extra speed.

Tire pressure gauge


Tight muscles are not fast muscles. Limber up to get the most out of your body and reduce the risk of injury. Your future self will thank you!


No engine runs on empty. Ensuring you have adequate energy and hydration for your ride will make the world of difference. This starts before your ride begins, and continues way beyond its conclusion. Having the right nutrition will also make a big difference in fuelling your performance. We're all about an ice-cream stop, but be sure to pack in your high-quality carbs, proteins, fats and all those lovely veggies too! 

Cyclist eating pasta


If you want to descend quickly, you need to know that you can scrub speed reliably. Bleeding your brakes is a cheap and remarkably easy way to improve your ride experience and give you the confidence to rail corners, send jumps and weave through fast singletracks.

Mechanic bleeding brakes


Both your body and your mind need time to rest and recover. Sometimes that will mean a day on the sofa watching World Cup replays, and sometimes a gentle spin with mates to take in the scenery will do the trick. Fresh is fast.

Cyclist eating ice cream


You can learn a lot from following a rider: different lines, entry speed, body position, braking points.... Whether climbing or descending, sitting second wheel can be really educational, and provide a quick way to find time.


Because feeling fast is worth a lot! Whether you're a seasoned professional or a MTB newbie, it's hard to deny that some fresh kit provides a little extra power.

Cyclist with a fresh kit


There's nothing as motivating as a good time! Stripping it back to basics and remembering why you started this wonderful sport helps everything else fall into place.

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