Empowers more people to easily ride mountain trails, soaking in the scenery and reaching new peaks. With 60Nm of maximum torque, the motor offers powerful but smooth and controllable assistance for tours in hilly and mountainous areas.

  • Compact and lightweight for better handling (2.7 kg)
  • Durable and weather-resistant for riding in all conditions
  • Stable, smooth, intuitive power for improved bike handling over every section of trail
  • Quiet motor lets you enjoy the trails without distraction
  • Assist modes: Walk, Eco, Trail and Boost
  • All assist modes are customisable with the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist Cyclist App
E-MTB E7000

View all your ride settings and assist levels via a compact, monochrome display 1.39 (inch) LCD screen.

  • Streamlined mount position provides easy visibility
  • Positioned safely on handlebars
  • Premium, elegant aesthetics
  • Outstanding readability
  • Connect wirelessly to the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist Cyclist or E-TUBE RIDE app
E-MTB E7000

The compact, ergonomic layout of the assist switch makes it easy to maintain control at all times. Simple operation thanks to superb fingertip shifting of support settings.

  • Easily switch between ‘Off’, ‘Eco’, ‘Trail’ and ‘Boost’ support modes
  • Compact design for tidy cockpit set-up
  • Ergonomically designed for relaxed fingers
  • One button walk assist
  • Intuitive UX for easy on trail use
  • Easy operation with or without gloves
E-MTB E7000 Assist Switch

Our batteries are designed to keep you out on the trails and riding further. Long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery with 504Wh capacity in external and internal versions are specially designed for performance and durability across a wide range of mountain bike trails. Information on range figures .

  • Long lifespan
  • Retains 60% max capacity after 1000 full charge cycles
  • Quick charging to get you on the trails sooner
  • Internal mount options for sleek frame designs
E-MTB E7000 Battery

E7000 is compatible with DEORE XT & DEORE with LINKGLIDE technology, in addition to current SHIMANO 12-speed drivetrains. Robust and reliable, LINKGLIDE delivers smooth, seamless shifting under power with enhanced durability. Also choose from a wide variety of crank, chain and chainring options.

  • LINKGLIDE drivetrains have been engineered to be more durable yet still deliver smooth shifting
  • Shorter cranks prevent pedal strikes to maintain smooth cadence and motor assistance
  • Available crank lengths: 160mm, 165mm, 170mm or 175mm
  • Lightweight and modern looking chainrings
  • Chainring teeth options: 34T, 36T, 38T or 42T
E-MTB E7000 Drivetrain
Personalize your Ride

Personalize your Ride

E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist Cyclist App


Every ride is different. Every rider is unique. From dry, dusty days through to wet, dirty rides, your favorite trails change with the seasons. Sometimes you want to shred hard and fast, and other times you might choose to push further on an all-day epic.


Our E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist Cyclist App connects you to your bike and gives you the power to customize your bike's assist dynamics and battery management settings to get the most out of every ride.


All assist modes, including the sophisticated trail mode, are fully customisable. Go ahead and choose between high, medium or low for each setting to perfectly match your specific needs to each adventure.


You can also update your firmware wirelessly with the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist Cyclist App.

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Turn your smartphone into a SHIMANO cycle computer. E-TUBE RIDE allows you to visualize your riding data, create a route to your destination using a map and record data while riding your bike.


You can also upload your data to STRAVA.

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Why choose a SHIMANO e-MTB system?

  • Equipped on on a wide variety of brands and models

Countless options to help you find the perfect e-MTB to perfectly match your own riding style and preferences

  • Trail-Proven Technology

Built on nearly 40 years of pioneering MTB technology, our e-MTB systems serve as the undisputed benchmark in the industry

  • Engineered as a Complete System

Designed to work in harmony with other SHIMANO components to deliver unparalleled performance

Trail Mode

Trail Mode

The drive unit quickly and seamlessly self-adjusts to match your riding style so you can concentrate fully on the trail ahead. The amount of support depends on pedal torque, speed and cadence. Whether tackling loose sand or steep mountain ranges, you get the right power at the right time and always have the maximum traction and control.


Premium e-MTB system delivering new levels of trail riding performance


Refreshed flagship e-MTB system for conquering mountains and exploring new trails

E-MTB E8000 E-MTB E8000

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