ALL ACCESS takes you behind the scenes, inside the tape, through the pits, on the massage table and under the bonnet of the biggest races of the year.

For this episode we catch up with Dean Lucas from Scott DH Factory to see how he handled the heat of the Maribor World Cup.

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No World Cup Downhill racer is what you would call ‘average’, but Dean is not even average among this group of extraordinary people! He brings a whole new vibe to the races, with an eccentric energy and individuality that is hard to miss and hard not to admire.

From not getting too sucked into the intricacies and psychology of track walk, to the realities and physiology of crashing hard, Dean talks us through his mental and physical processes as the week unfolds.

There’s fun and focus, lederhosen and line-choice, jokes and jumps, perspective and perseverance, thrills and chills and more memorable soundbites than we can remember!

With insight from his competitors and friends, chats with his mechanic and plenty of wild footage of the racing, our week gaining all access with the red-nailed, green-haired Aussie was sure an exciting ride!

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