We love a Privateer! 

The commitment, graft and passion it takes to race self-supported at the highest level fills us with admiration, and the wild stories that emerge are always worth a listen. In this episode of Life of a Privateer we share the story of Irenee Menjou, a man with a van and a plan. 

The tree surgeon from the Pyrenees decked out his van and took off for a year chasing the dream at the Enduro World Series. We followed him from the rain of La Thuile via hospital to his home in Lourdes and onto a fourth place on the Pro Stage in Loudenvielle. 

Car park pits and camping table restaurants are the name of the game as a Privateer, with every detail of a race weekend accounted for and executed by Irenee himself. The chance to race his bike in some of the most beautiful destinations in Europe does not pass Irenee by, and you sense that perspective as well as perseverance carry him through. The journey was not without its hiccups, and the weather certainly dampened his spirits at some points, but with a fighting spirit, a friendly nature and undeniable talent, Irenee pulled off some amazing results. 

With Irenee landing a pro contract for 2022, the dream has become reality. Here’s how it unfolded. 

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