We love a Privateer! 

The commitment, graft and passion it takes to race self-supported at the highest level fills us with admiration, and the wild stories that emerge are always worth a listen. In this episode of Life of a Privateer we share the story of Janis Lehmann and Constantin Reutsch, two Swiss students getting an education in life, travel and DH World Cups. 

“If you live in such a small car for a weekend then you have to be good friends.” 

It’s true, and Janis and Constantin have got it dialled. Two bikes, two blokes, a large watermelon and a gas cooker from circa 1969 make for a set-up teetering somewhere between comical and practical! With a healthy dose of banter and an outlook on life that balances a relaxed attitude with a zest for making the most of it, you can’t help but smile as you watch these guys negotiate the rigours of World Cup racing (and the slippery slopes of Les Gets!).

Will they make the Qualification cut? Who, as the slowest rider, will have to make breakfast? Will their beloved van ever die? Hit play to find out!

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