E-MTB Video


We believe e-bikes should capture the pure essence of cycling. The power assist provided by the motor should be led by the rider's input, feeling natural and intuitive. The motor assist engages smoothly, in a controlled manner, and disappears discreetly when you stop pedaling or exceed the prescribed speed where motor assist turns off. SHIMANO system engineering is designed to ensure that your E-MTB becomes more than just a sum of its parts. Clever design of assist switches and displays interface seamlessly with near silent motors, innovative software and a perfect harmony with other SHIMANO components to make your E-MTB ride like a traditional mountain bike, only better.


Premium E-MTB system delivering new levels of trail riding performance

Shimano E-MTB EP8 Shimano E-MTB EP8

Refreshed flagship e-MTB system for conquering mountains and exploring new trails

Shimano E-MTB EP801 Shimano E-MTB EP801
Shimano E7000

All-round E-MTB system for off-road adventures

Shimano E-MTB E7000 Shimano E-MTB E7000

E-MTB system for sportive touring and off-road adventures

Shimano E-MTB EP600 Shimano E-MTB EP600

Why choose a SHIMANO E-MTB system?

  • Equipped on a wide variety of brands and models

Countless options to help you find the perfect E-MTB to perfectly match your own riding style and preferences

  • Trail-Proven Technology

Built on nearly 40 years of pioneering MTB technology, our E-MTB systems serve as the undisputed benchmark in the industry

  • Engineered as a Complete System

Designed to work in harmony with other SHIMANO components to deliver unparalleled performance


Made to last

Say hello to reduced drivetrain wear and tear. Thanks to SHIMANO DEORE XT and DEORE with LINKGLIDE technology, you can enjoy high-mileage cycling for years to come without worrying about having to replace or repair components.

LINKGLIDE is designed to be robust yet deliver smooth, seamless shifts for a truly comfortable riding experience – even when you push your e-bike to the limits. So whether it’s an everyday journey or all-terrain adventure, you get to relax and focus on the pure enjoyment of riding.