SHIMANO’s powerful EP8 and EP6 eMTB systems deliver a precision-tuned blend of performance, torque, and natural ride feel. To keep your eMTB running smoothly, it’s important to understand how the battery system works and the best practices for keeping it in top condition. This will ensure the very best performance out on the trail, ride after ride, and season after season. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to getting the most out of an eMTB battery.

Shimano EP8 E-bike battery being installed on an e-mtb

How Far Can an e-MTB Battery Go?

Battery management is a key consideration of e-MTB riding. As a general rule, it’s easier to think of eMTB battery range in terms of elevation rather than distance since climbing requires the most assistance from the motor. When riding in Boost mode, SHIMANO STEPS batteries last approximately 2,000 feet of elevation gain. In Trail mode, it's closer to 3,000 feet, and in Eco mode, the battery can last 4,000 feet or more.

Of course, many factors can impact the range of the battery. Hilly terrain will draw the battery down faster due to the added output required on ascents. Cold weather can also drain the battery quicker (like a cell phone in the middle of winter). A rider's weight can impact the duration of a battery charge, as lighter riders will require less power at the same ascent speed as their heavier counterparts. Keep these variables in mind when planning an eMTB ride.

Shimano EP8 e-bike smart charger being used on an emtb bike

How Long Does It Take to Charge an eMTB Battery?

It takes four to five hours to fully charge a STEPS battery using SHIMANO's stock four-amp charger. The battery can also reach an 80% charge in just two and a half hours, though a full charge cycle is best for the longevity of the battery.

The SHIMANO STEPS smart charger shuts off automatically when the battery is full, which prevents overcharging. This feature increases the overall battery life while also reducing fire danger.

Charging a Shimano EP8 mountain bike

How to Ensure a Full eMTB Battery Charge for Each Ride?

After each ride, put the battery right back on the charger. It's helpful to keep the charger in the garage, shed, or bike room next to the eMTB. This good habit ensures it's always good to go and fully charged for the next ride. The smart charger is designed to shut off and prevent overcharging, so the battery can be left to fully charge between rides overnight or during the workday. That said, once fully charged, it should not be stored long-term on the charger.

How to Make an eMTB Battery Last Longer with E-TUBE?

The STEPS EP8 and EP6 system is much more than a pedal-assisted eMTB platform. The system's performance can be fine-tuned using the SHIMANO E-TUBE app, including adjustments that will help dial in the battery. To increase battery life for daily rides as well as the overall life of the system, use the E-TUBE app and tailor different ride profiles for different kinds of riding. For big backcountry days, customize a power-saving mode to maximize range. For self-shuttled downhill laps, create a full power profile for maximum speed. Selecting the optimal profile helps the battery deliver the right power at the right time, season after season.

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