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Growing up, Laurie Greenland could see Bristol’s St. George Skatepark from his bedroom window. It was there, amongst the ramps and rails a journey began that would take him out to the local trails and all the way to the top of the World Cup DH circuit.

But bikes have been so much more for the young Brit. They’ve helped heal the pain of family loss, bringing Greenland and his father closer together, as they pedaled through life’s toughest times. Riding and racing gave him an unwavering sense of how he wanted to live his life, a focus that’s led to a junior World title, an elite World Cup win and two podium finishes at elite World Champs.

Despite a decade of chasing his dream to the top of the DH world, he’s always drawn back to Bristol, where he humbly focuses on what to what he loves most: riding with his dad, surfing with his life-long friends, and skating the ramps that still sit in front of the house where he grew up. For Laurie Greenland, this is Bristol, This is Home.

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