Words by David McMillan / Photos by Cameron Mackenzie


The Vanzacs are a small group of mates from Australia and New Zealand that wanted to take on the world, and they are getting away with it by the skin of their teeth.


We are a band of misfits and a brotherhood bonded together by the love of riding bikes, mateship, and traveling to all corners of the globe.


Working any odd job and saving every penny to afford a few months on the other side of the world. We have done it all, in our own style.


Living in beaten-up vans, eating baguettes in gutters, and showering in glacial rivers - every day has brought a new and welcomed challenge.


The goal of racing the world cups was a hard task when bikes were held together with cable ties and duct tape. But perseverance has prevailed and now we are lucky enough to call riding and racing a job.


Fast forward a few years with plenty of stories and multiple broken-down vans strewn across the globe, the Vanzacs still stick to their roots of not taking life too seriously and having the most fun possible.


When we aren't running wild around the world we call Queenstown, New Zealand home. A perfect mix of fun on and off the bike, a playground for any style of rider, Queenstown has it all and then some more. Eddie says this place is a “yes town”, and we say yes a lot. We all live at The Zoo, our home away from home. This is a place that can only be described as beautifully chaotic! 


If we aren't in the bike park you'll find us riding motorbikes, at the beach, or at the bar recoverin' with a cold sports drink.


Introducing Vanzacs and the Zoo Boys. It’s been a hell of a ride, and it’s not over yet...


Vanzac and the zoo boys house picture
Eddie Masters whipping his Shimano equipped downhill mountain bike
Eddie Masters skateboarding on a backyard mini ramp
zoo boys hitting jumps in their mountain bikes
back flipping a mountain bike
Welcome to the zoo sign mountain biking down under

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