Orbea has unveiled the next generation of its flagship lightweight e-MTB, the trail-shredding Rise LT and the adventure-fueling Rise SL. Since its debut in 2020, the Rise has been the answer to the question, “How can I maximize the thrill of my electric ride?” Or, in Orbea's words, “The best just got better.”

The new Rise delivers more power per gram than its predecessor, thanks in part to the EP801 drive unit's magnesium casing and 85Nm torque—which, thanks to Rider Synergy+, can be utilized to the max. It also introduces enhanced handling, stamina, and updated Rider Synergy, taking the e-MTB experience to new heights. In short, Rise is a complete package for those looking to upgrade e-MTB with a more natural riding sensation. Let’s dive in.


Innovation: Stick to the basics

When talking about Orbea’s commitment to every aspect of its manufacturing process, from design to production, the following quote from Tom Waits comes to mind:

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

With Rise, the Basque bicycle manufacturer created a leaner, keener electric riding machine that still offers superior control on the trails. The advent of the Rise brought a rethink in rigidity and balance, allowing for a more stable and controlled ride. Every detail is considered with minute focus. Each accent in the Rise underscores Orbea’s capacity to refine its flagship with honest improvements.

The result: a fan favorite e-MTB racking up awards left and right from prominent MTB magazines such as ENDURO and E-MOUNTAINBIKE MAGAZINE and the prestigious EUROBIKE Award.

Rider Synergy: Generation 2

At the heart of the Rise lies Orbea’s Rider Synergy (RS), which offers natural, elastic assistance and best-in-class battery range. RS Generation 2 firmware and electronics enable riders to configure the EP801 output up to 85 Nm, truly taking advantage of our drive unit’s power.

Our EP801 drive unit has finely tuned sensors and impressive monitoring capabilities, suitable for riders in the pro circuit and joyriders alike. The integration of Orbea’s Rider Synergy and EP801 brings instant, lag-free power that feels immensely energizing and completely natural.

RS can be tuned using the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist app into two modes, RS and RS+. RS offers a lower torque for the natural Rise feeling and longest range. While RS+ gets the full 85Nm torque out of your drive unit to push harder when the trail demands it.

Performance first

Both new iterations of the Rise are 8% stiffer in the front triangle and 14% stiffer in the rear triangle. The weight has been decreased to 2.2kg for an M-size sans shock. With the option to add a long travel dropper post to crack those downhills with more control. You can insert a 200mm dropper that extends up to 230mm for an L- or XL-size frame.

With the asymmetric frame comes the option to tune the rigidity to each size, ensuring the same Rise feel regardless of tube lengths or leverages. While the added range extender weighs only 1.1kg and is smaller than a water bottle.

If you are looking for the lightest way to ride, opt for a 420Wh battery, using the range extender to get the most out of your weekend adventures. Want to go the distance? No problem. Just choose the 630Wh battery, which has been tested to achieve more than 3,000m of ascent.


It’s worth remembering that each trail is as unique as the riders who tackle them. That’s why Orbea has delivered two distinct versions of Rise, the LT and the SL. Here are the specs.

Rise LT: The trail shredder

  • FORK: 160mm
  • SUSPENSION: 150mm
  • HEAD ANGLE: 64 – 64.5º
  • Attitude Adjust: Change the geometry in under 10 seconds
  • EP801-equipped
  • AUTO SHIFT compatible with DEORE XT Di2

Rise SL: The flow finder

  • FORK: 140mm
  • SUSPENSION: 140mm
  • HEAD ANGLE: 65.5º
  • Carbon Shock Extender: Light and Stiff
  • EP801-equipped
  • AUTO SHIFT compatible with DEORE XT Di2

MyO Configurator

Rise offers more options than ever before. Start with the LT and SL choice and continue with Orbea’s patented MyO Configurator.

  • Use the chart to get the perfect size dropper to take full advantage of Rise’s Steep’n’Deep design. Allowing you to include seat posts with up to 230mm of travel!
  • Go for a DEORE XT Di2 groupset to enjoy AUTO SHIFT, our automatic shifting technology. 
  • Take a moment to select bars and stems that will bring the perfect cockpit setup for you.

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