What is the spirit of Enduro?

It’s bikes, of course it’s bikes! It’s sketchy, scary, fast and fun. It’s wild, tight, bombing down trails, finding the flow and the zone. But even at the highest level of racing it’s a whole lot more.

It’s beers and fist bumps. It’s the camaraderie, the laughs and the support, from helping competitors to fix mechanicals to celebrating wins together.

It’s discovery. It’s the mountains. It’s new countries, fresh trails, and a spirit of adventure and exploration. It’s the ultimate test of rider and equipment: the balance of strength and finesse, speed and consistency.

It can be difficult to articulate a ‘spirit’, but our friends on the Enduro World Series scene gave it a good shot. Check out how some of the biggest names in the sport defined the spirit of enduro, with some typically epic scenery, crazy riding and comical moments included.

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