Soon after fulfilling a life-long dream to relocate to southern Utah, Tyler McCaul found himself riddled with injuries and unable to get out and enjoy the vast desert landscape he spent his entire career working towards calling home.


In Shimano's new film,Settle Your Soul", Tyler McCaul shares his experience through this process, from the highest peaks to the lowest valley. Things often looked grim when the lows dragged on for weeks, months, and well over a year as the recovery process seemed never-ending.


As he began to regain strength and mobility but still unable to venture out under his own strength, Tyler found solace in exploring his new backyard with a little assistance from his GT Force AMP e-bike.


After climbing out of the valley of recovery, Tyler realized that the e-bike became much more than a tool for overcoming injury; it became a cornerstone for everyday exploration and expanding what is possible by bike.


Tyler McCaul sitting in the back of his truck
Tyler McCaul riding his emtb in the desert of Utah
Tyler McCaul blowing up a berm on his E-MTB with Shimano EP8 Drive unit
Tyler McCaul riding fast on his E-mtb
Tyler McCaul doing a superman trio on his e-mountain bike
Tyler McCaul doing a backflip on his mountain bike
Tyler McCaul hitting a large jump on his downhill bike

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